Help Me Do Less

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect__ Mark Twain

Do you find yourself trapped in the 9-5 rat race with no idea on how to get out? Do you desire to start your own business while maintaining your current job or even leave your current job behind? Do you want to belong to the new rich? SideKick VA is here just for the purpose of helping you achieve your goals and give you more freedom at work and in life.

SideKick Va believes in abandoning the deferred life plan and instead creating a luxury life-style in the present using time and mobility. We help you join this new culture of people who enjoy freedom of time, money and mobility and believes that retirement should not be deferred to a certain age but to be enjoyed on an ongoing frequent basis.

Help me do less is a package designed for those who desire the life-style of the new rich but are currently trapped in the 9-5 rat race, this package is your escape route to being your own boss and owning a business that will only require 4 hours of your time every week thereby giving you the needed freedom to do the things you love doing.

SideKick VA believes that less is not laziness and that personal productivity far more outweighs personal sacrifice. So, bring your schedules and calendar and let us help you free up more time so that you can develop that new idea that can set you up for a big pay day.  Let us take from you those tasks that eat your time and give you the freedom to remain focused on the most important aspects of your vision.


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