Working With SKVA Offers Rewards

We not only work hard to give our clients more time, we also apply the same principles to those who work with and for us.

We strongly believe that our success is directly linked to your success.  Success to us means not only a healthy bank account but having the time to enjoy it with family and friends.  Want to travel the world or work from the beach?  We want that for you as well.

On the inside of this website is a social networking platform where you can converse with other VA’s, are offered training, support from other members, and a pool of micro task workers who can help you complete assignments.

When you participate, share and assist others within the platform you gain points.  These earned points lead to rewards such as computers, smart phones, and vacations.

If you are new to the VA world you may want to start as a micro task worker and use your experience to move gradually into a VA position.  As a micro task worker you are paid to complete small jobs.  Examples of this could be research accommodations in Hong Kong, or fill in three forms.  Micro Task Workers who prove themselves reliable generally will become members of a VA’s team, providing you full time work.

If you are more experienced you could move directly into a VA position and begin managing clients.  Using the pool of micro task workers you are to build yourself a support team who completes many of the tasks your clients may assign you, this enables you to manage multiple clients, frees up more of your time and allows you to place many of your duties on auto pilot.

For more details and to join our team please fill out the form below and attach your resume.

We look forward to working with you!


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