The 4 Main Soft Skills Of Modern Entrepreneurs

the idealistic approach of a modern entrepreneur

We’re living in a time where our influencers are no longer music or sport icons but entrepreneurs. The desire to be financially independent, travel round the world, be a CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company, become an angel investor and to retire young, these are the ambitions of every millennial that has chosen entrepreneurship. As lofty as this ambition may seem, not all millennials are succeeding at this even with the wealth of information available today and all the self-help books, yet some are struggling unfulfilled 9-5 workers having no idea on how to act on the vast wealth of information available today.

If you find yourself in this situation, rejoice for your salvation has come. In this post, I will be exploring some of the soft skills the modern entrepreneur who had successfully transited from a 9-5 cubicle to a multi-billionaire CEO. You have to understand that we’re living in a fast-paced world where every system and invention is continuously challenged. So, developing these soft skills will ensure you remain relevant and poised for success as you work on your dream of becoming a CEO.


It is not so hard to be a genius, if a genius according to Ralp W. Emerson is a person who believes that what is true in his private heart is true for all men, suffices to say, if you believe in an idea and you also believe that this idea will be beneficial to all men is pure genius. Jim Rohn said “we are poor not for lack of money but for lack of ideas”. From the foregoing, developing an idea with a universal outlook in mind is the first step to becoming a billionaire. Look at Bill Gate, Jeff Bezos, Mark, their ideas were universal.


As the person with the vision, the task can be herculean especially in trying to convince others about it, but with the advancement in tech, there are so many ways to get things done and when you surround yourself with the right people, it is expected that they would help you in bringing these ideas to reality. Most millennials don’t like the idea of being micro-managed as Steve Jobs once said “You don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do, you hire them, so they can tell you what to do”. In working with your team, develop the approach of listening to your ideas from their own interpretation, be openminded and learn to talk last.


When we set out in an unknown path, probably we are figuring how to explore the moon and develop a channel for transporting people for tourist visits, we may be met with a lot of failures as there was no much wealth of experience available for us to lean on, lets also say that we’re pioneers in this enterprise, it is the extent of compulsion in our ideas and vision that will keep us propelled. Failure for the modern entrepreneur is more of a virtue, a kind of reward to attest that they’re doing something worthwhile and the modern entrepreneur will always keep trying and never accepts defeat. Developing this mindset could make all the difference in your journey to the top. You can ask Elon Musk.


Most of the self-made successful entrepreneurs today do not have any shop, owns no infrastructure, produces no goods, owns no office and according to Tim Ferris they are The New Rich. These crops of entrepreneurs understand the advantages of collaboration and outsourcing which is the future of work, and through the effective use of this approach have been able to build world class distribution channels for products they absolutely have no contact with from production to delivery. Your ideas will take shape through effective collaboration and outsourcing especially if you’re funding your ideas from your 9-5 job. It will not be ideal to quit your job with nothing to fall back on. Most successful entrepreneurs took advantage of collaboration and outsourcing and have been able to kickstart and manage their ideas till it became profitable before quitting their jobs.

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