Common Challenges With Remote Workers

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As we embrace the future of work by reaping the benefits from remote workers, we also encounter some challenges working with these people, some of these challenges can prove decisive in the options of choosing to go with remote skills or their local counterpart. Who wouldn’t want to reap the enormous benefits from the effective utilization of these skills? I will be sharing some of the challenges bedeviling the remote skills industry and a possible way out so as to keep you focused on growing your businesses and services with these remote workers.


Outsourcing your business operations to third world countries where labor is relatively cheap coupled with time zone difference which puts them ahead of you often comes with language barriers, what further complicates matters are the various techno-speak from different industries as well as the emerging languages from different age groups with technology. Providing clear instructions could be difficult, it is advised that you should have your virtual assistant paraphrase any of your instructions to ascertain their understanding of the task to avoid confusion and waste of time.  When you work with SideKick VA, you are assigned an assistant who is fluent verbally and written in your native language.


Trusting your assistant from the very first day is almost impossible since you may never actually meet them or know their ethics; some VA’s could prove trustworthy in the long run, but initially you will have to give them the benefit of the doubt and that being said, trust can be earned if the VA provides excellent service on small projects before being assigned higher responsibilities.  Our VA’s are put through a vetting process to help alleviate trust issues, and earning and holding our clients trust is our first priority.

Time Difference

While time differences can be very advantageous managing your virtual team in different time zones could prove difficult as you’ll need to find a way to manage your team despite time zone differences. If this is not properly managed it could lead to communication gaps which end up stalling the overall workflow and affects productivity.  We put systems in place to assure that time zone differences are an advantage and issue free.


When you work with people there will always be occasions where certain persons will be unavailable to work due to sickness, travel, holidays, religion and various other reasons.  With remote workers there can also be issues with communication equipment downtime.  What will you do if your assistant cannot be reached, especially in cases when you are not able, or do not have the time to carry out the task yourself?  When you work with SideKick VA, you are assured that there will be very limited to no downtime, as your VA has a team behind him, always ready to back him up and assure that your tasks are always completed on time and on schedule.

Difficulty with Delegation

If you wish to have aspects of your business or day to day life run by remote workers, delegation of specialized tasks could become a challenge.  Your VA may be overqualified in some areas or lack skills in others, at SideKick VA however you are provided with a team of workers experienced in a multitude of skill-sets, and it is your dedicated VA’s responsibility to take your instructions, delegate tasks accordingly, and manage your team.

Lack of Personal Support and Empathy

The building block of trust and interpersonal relationship are empathy and interpersonal connection, you may not be able to build these personal interactions with your VA as you’re more focused on result. Keeping a VA motivated and loyal to you could be as a result of the interpersonal connectedness and show of empathy, if you do not have the time to build such a relationship, VA firms can provide you with a perfect candidate.

From the above narratives, it is clear that going through a VA firm than having to deal with the VAs directly is more advantageous even though it comes at a premium, yet again, what is the value of your time. If you are a result oriented business owner who lacks time and patience to groom a VA, then VA firms are your best pick as you will be saving yourself a lot of time, energy and even cash.

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