Achieving Targeted Goal With Your Administrative Assistants

administrative assistants

Administrative assistants are heros, do you agree? Over the years, we have seen how their skills had evolved to cut across a lot of spheres in an organization, and you will be amazed at how proactive and resourceful they are in acquiring new skills and how efficient they become with new responsibilities.

It is of interest however, to learn how best to combine these team of dynamic individuals in achieving set goals and objectives in your company. We have seen how resourceful they are and the advantages inherent in managing these skills. We will be looking at how to effectively manage your team of administrative assistants in achieving SMART objectives of your company.

According to Jim Rohn, “It is not the end result that is most important, but what we become in the process of achieving the set objectives”. Goalsetting has been a dominant topic in seminars and business conferences but not much has been heard in applying the same strategy with your team of administrative assistants.

We will be adopting Locke and Latham’s Five Principles in improving chances of success with your team of administrative assistants.

These Five Principles are in no particular order:

  • Clarity

  • Challenge

  • Commitment

  • Feedback

  • Task complexity.


Jim Rohn said “The price is easy if the promise is great”. Helping your team focus on the goals can be a compelling force towards achieving the set objectives. Achieving 80% customer satisfaction, achieving 80% checkouts are goals with clear metrics which every team member can understand and work towards. Metrics also aids clarity as everyone in the team understands what has been done, what is required to achieve the set goals.


Challenging goals compels us to give our very best, it sparks our imaginations, brighten our eyes and charges our body with enthusiasm, recall that, these types of goals are usually aimed at bringing out the best in your team of administrative assistants and increases their productivity. Most managers use these types of goals to promote healthy competitions amongst team teams, improve team collaboration and cohesion. Ensure to reward top performing teams and also encourage other teams which didn’t fair so well by allowing the winning teams share their secrets for wining.


Having organizational core values and culture will definitely affect every member of the team and also set the standard for new team members, having these core values ensures your team is committed to any new goals being setup by management especially if they were involved during the conception of the goals. You can improve your VA team’s commitment by:

  • Allowing team members make commitment to their own goals.

  • Ensuring the team’s goals align with the organizational goals.


If you want the set goals to be sustained, create a good feedback system and use it in gauging how well your team of administrative assistants are performing. With an effective feedback system, you have an opportunity to clarify team members expectations, ascertain their challenges and to enshrine good team spirit as the work progresses. Good feedback system can be achieved through:

  • Effective communication channels.

  • Regular meetings for sharing feedbacks.

  • Using stop, keep working, start models for quick feedback sessions.

  • By breaking difficult goals into smaller measurable chunks and seeking feedback once a milestone has been reached.


Some complex tasks could take a toll on your team or could simply overwhelm them, how should you keep your team from being overwhelmed by the task at hand?

  • The feedbacks you get from the regular meetups will serve as an avenue in cases where your team of administrative assistants may be needing additional training. You should also give every member of your team training needs assessment to identify any knowledge or skill gap.

  • If you also notice that any of your administrative assistants is overwhelmed, consider putting them through a coaching or mentoring session with a more experienced team leader or team member.

Conclusively, goals are a vital part of achieving success especially within a team setup and in particular with your administrative Assistants. Be sure to follow through on the steps above in achieving meaningful success in your organization championed by your team of remote workers and be a part of the future of work. At SideKick VA, we have teams of highly motivated administrative assistants who can help you achieve any goals broken down in chunks with commitment and enthusiasm as we are result oriented.


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