How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Work

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Let me start this post with a quote from the CEO of Upwork, “People will leave in the cities of their choosing rather than the ones nearest to work”. It is no longer surprising that people cluster around city centers for various reasons such as:

  • Closeness to work place

  • Availability of social amenities

  • Improved social life

It is however interesting to note the changes in our culture and lifestyle with the rapid evolution of tech-based companies. There has been heated debate by the wisest minds on the future of employment especially with the automation of jobs and the rapid loss of industrial based jobs. What we are experiencing now is a repetition of history during the industrial revolution of the 18th century. The turn of events does not mean that we no longer consume industrial goods rather it reflects how sophisticated and highly automated most of our activities have turned out to be. Stephane Kasriel also said “There will not be shortage of jobs in the future but rather a shortage of skill to fill in the jobs”. So rather than debate on the number of jobs lost, we should look into the new opportunities being created as a result of the tech evolution sweeping round the world and in most cases have given rise to freelancing and working remotely.

According to Garyvee of Vernier media “This is the best time in human history to be alive”. The opportunities are endless and the wealth is so vast that millions are made daily and the best part of it is that it’s very easy to achieve. We have seen the decline in popularity of celebrities whom have refused to embrace the social media and the unprecedented rise to stardom of people with no entertainment background to the rich and famous status. This instances serve as an examples to where the future is pointing to.

In Canada for instance, the big money industrial jobs are on a constant decline leaving the fresh graduates with an uncertain future. But the wise ones among them have taken the bold step of career change and most have become self-educated and the money is coming in. These categories are the ones we see working remotely. These are changing trends and the best highly paying jobs are in the tech field. In the US alone, more than 57 million workers freelance based on current workforce growth rates (found in Freelancing in America: 2017) and is projected to hit 86.5 million in the next 10 years.


Schools no longer prepares us for the real life problems after graduation, most industrial employers in Canada have to take the cost of training fresh graduates to prepare them for the work environment. Tech evolution has affected the educational system as we have proliferation of new courses and disciplines on daily basis and as such, the method of passing this knowledge needs a different approach. The trends in the tech industry is in a constant flux and a trending framework could become obsolete in months so to avoid the traditional learning framework which might become obsolete tomorrow, schools have taken a different approach to this by training individuals on learning how to learn, learning how to solve problems, working in teams and being resourceful, an example of such schools are Holberton School in San Francisco, Wildflower school in Boston and Portfolio in New York. With tons of online courses, the freelancer prefers to take the available courses online to upgrade his/her skillset and remain relevant.


We have to understand that the cities will not go away anytime soon, but the problem of city life has caused many to detach from cities by moving to the suburbs. This trend will be sustained by the new ways of working from the comfort of homes, need I to say, the trend has already begun. Imagine how much that would be saved from renting office spaces and tons of advantages as a result of reduced commuting from home to work. As we seek to reduce carbon emission we cannot be left behind in this new trend.

The increasing number of individuals losing their jobs daily is as a result of Tech based evolution sweeping every sphere of our lives, pointing you to the direction in which the world is headed and at Sidekick VA, we have been preparing for that future today with our team of virtual assistants applying the latest innovation in technology to deliver quality services. We promise to help you achieve freedom at work, try us today and see the tasks you can set your newly hired virtual assistants with as you grow your remote workers.

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