Achieving Freedom At Work Using Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants

Do you know you can completely run all your businesses on autopilot with a team of virtual assistants? Do you know that eazing off on the controls you have on your business can positively impact your profit margin? Do you know you can get more out of life by simply running on autopilot?

If you run a startup or you are a manager of a small business and you are thinking of setting your business on autopilot, I will be sharing some tips on how you can achieve freedom from work and increase your revenue base.

Letting go on certain tasks which are the bloodline of your business can be very difficult, but holding on to such tasks could retard your business growth. So, what should you do?

HIRE A VA (Virtual Assistant)

Depending on the size of your business, its operations and growth projections, I would recommend hiring two virtual assistants at once and training both of them simultaneously as experience has shown that this will be a worthwhile investment on the long run. You can get further clarity on why your business needs a virtual assistant. You may be worried about the cost in maintaining two virtual assistants simultaneously, not to worry! Since you are paying them based on the time they have worked for the period under review.  You will find my post on how to track and pay your virtual assistant very valuable.

While training your new team, make sure to properly document all of the training materials, videos, screenshots which would serve as a valuable resource in the training of new team members as the business grows.


I have a post on the 11 tasks you should set your newly hired virtual assistant up with. The tasks enlisted are a more general sort of task requiring no specialized skills, but as you ease control on the business, you will have to put capable hands in charge and what better way to do this if not to train your virtual assistants.

I will be sharing some steps adopted by SideKick VA for the training of virtual assistants, which can serve as a possible blueprint especially if you are running a startup or planning a scaleup with remote skills.


All SideKick VAs are assigned a personalized email which gives them permission to access all services and products used by the company, such as Google-sheets, Dropbox, Evernote, Twillo, Slack just to mention a few. Adopting this ensures that everyone on your team have access to tools and also makes it easier for you to restrict access when necessary.


If you are considering growing your business with remote skills, then it is important you dedicate some time to creating high quality tutorial videos for your virtual assistants and team members training. One of our top client Christian who owns a football academy creates tutorials for all his operations and systematically stores them in Dropbox and each time he gets a new VA, he sends them to the tutorial videos to update them on what needs to be done and how to go about the tasks. I found this very resourceful as it saves both Christian and I a lot of time as none is wasted in delayed response as a result of time zone difference.


Setting some rules and assigning specific tasks or responsibilities to a virtual assistant can solve a lot of problems from duplication of duties, to effective human resource management and proper tracking of jobs. One of the challenges I faced while working with Christian was duplication of duties, this was resolved when I was assigned a specific task.


It is not a good practice to run your business with remote skills without scheduling a regular meetings and performance evaluations to ascertain your team motivation and spirit. These regular meetings can be done through Skype or Google-meet depending on which tools you are most comfortable with.

These regular meetings will positively impact the team’s morale and will also provide you with an effective feedback loop to proper evaluate their growth and make new projections.

When you are confident about your virtual assistants capacity to handle certain tasks and also confident in their ability to train new members of the team; it is now time to take a break, travel and enjoy the freedom you have always desired as your business now needs minimal supervision from you for its smooth operations.

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