How Best To Track And Pay Your Virtual Assistant

As your business grows, you will find that soaking yourself up with the daily operation of the business could be very challenging as this will take it’s toll on your productiveness and stall your business growth. You may have considered outsourcing, but if you are still considering that I think my post on an executive assistant and why you need one will give you more insights on that.

If you just hired a new VA and you are still wondering what task to assign your newly hired VA, the 11 task you should set your newly hired VA will serve as a guide to set you and your VA to a lasting work experience.

If you have read the 4-hour-work-week, you will see how much you can get done through outsourcing, while you source for your next VA or if you already have one, we will be looking at how best to track and pay your VA.

Most VAs work remotely with differently time zones and socio-cultural orientations, keeping them properly compensated and motivated will greatly contribute to their productivity. Since they are independent contractors, proper supervision especially if you are paying them on hourly basis could be challenging. These questions will arise:

  1. How do you ensure your VA is adequately compensated for the job they are doing?

  2. How do you ensure you are not over charged?

In my first experience working with Phil doing some Online-Research, I was overcharging him simply because I spent way too much time researching things and preparing reports, in which case were not that relevant to what he was asking for. That issue was resolved after much reviews and more detailed instructions was provided for in the subsequent projects, he also went as far as stating the estimated time for each project.

Here is a Strategy worth noting

  • Prior to hiring your VA, most of the tasks you will be assigning to this new VA must have been done by you, why not track your own time and use that as a guide in tracking you VA’s time on subsequent jobs and pay them on an hourly rate which is more transparent.

  • Develop a monthly tracker spreadsheet and have your VA fill in the following:

    • Date

    • Task description

    • Time spent

    • Hourly rate

And all of the relevant details that will be used for payment processing.

  • Payment period can either be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly depending on what you and your VA will agree upon.

At SideKick VA, we are committed to transparency and efficiency and if you purchase any of our packages, this is how we track our VAs and report to you on intervals, saving you the stress of managing your VA. We will only send you reminders when your current package is almost exhausted as we charge you on hourly basis and also ask if you will be renewing the service before re-subscribing you.

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