If you just hired a VA and you are wondering on what tasks to assign your new VA. In this post, I will be leaving you with 11 basic tasks you could outsource to your newly hired VA especially if you are considering to keep the VA as part of your team, but if you do not have a VA yet, the tips I shared from my post on An executive assistant and why you should get one will provide you with the advantages of hiring a VA.

As a new member of your team, your new VA may not have the needed expertise to handle core tasks in your organization, as a way of introducing this new team member, your new VA should be assigned the following duties:

  1. Online Survey: This task involves querying various search engines like Google, Bing and a host of others for a specific information. It could also involve visiting specific webpages for special information. This task does not require a special skill from the VA, however, a good internet connection and VPN tools will give the VA access to those information no matter his/her location.

  2. Invoicing and Book-keeping: One of our happy client Mr Joe who is a busy executive outsources his bi-weekly invoicing to us, the task involves computing the number of work hours for the two previous weeks and preparing an invoice based on that and also submitting the document on his behalf to the HR for processing.

  3. Order Fulfillment: If you are running an E-commerce site or an academy, order fulfillment could sometimes be a hassle especially when your automation platforms is deprecated at the peak of a checkout. Your new VA will most definitely be valuable in tracking, monitoring and fulfilling orders as they roll in.

  4. Slide Preparation: The owner of Cubimo one of my earliest clients hired me to prepare slide presentations from video series he did for a webinar, which we later turned to a course that was later published on his site. This particular task required listening skill to alienate salient points from the videos.

  5. Data processing and Data Entry: Have your new VA collect and manage your organization data via Excel and Google sheets, the skill required is a basic knowledge of Spreadsheets but if your company manages its data via database software like SQL, a VA with such knowledge will be an added advantage and we have you covered at SideKick VA.

  6. Email Management: Free more time by having your new VA sieve through your mail and respond to the ones requiring less of your attentions on your behalf.

  7. Calendar Management: Set your new VA with your calendar schedules and have them keep tab on the most urgent events as the day unfolds.

  8. Travel Research: VAs are a good resource for finding specific information based on your preference as regards your next trip. Your VA should furnish you with all the necessary information based on your preference.

  9. Social Media Management: This also serves as an avenue for your new VA to get to know more about your business, by responding and updating your business’ social media channels.

  10. Sourcing New Business Leads: You can have your new VA conduct market survey on your new product to aid your management decisions.

  11. Tutorials: When I started working with Christian, owner of Leftfootcoaching academy, he set me off with tutorials to keep me abreast with their CRM and CMS software.

There you have it, your organizational structure could vary and some tasks may depend on your VA’s skill and experience. SideKick VA has trained and experienced VAs at your disposal.

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