An Executive Assistant And Why You Should Get One

Assistants are a great sounding board for new thoughts and spark lots of fresh ideas. _Richard Branson

The very best executive assistants over the years have learnt to think like the boss which gives them the leverage to take on a significant amount of the executive’s work and can ably represent the executive in important functions and make decisions on their behalf. Most of the top executives cannot get through their day without their assistants.

The best executive assistants in most cases end up being the memory of the executive they assist and are highly skilled in the following:

  • Excellent communicators in both verbal and writen skills: Work description of most executive assistants involves communication and coordination with the people in the company and in most cases with clients depending on the type of business. The best executive assistant is articulate, clear, professional, and accurate in verbal and writing skills.

  • Tech Savvy: An executive assistant becomes very valuable in the company and in most cases a go to person who is very knowledgeable.  From fixing a printer to suggesting new software to use, the best executive assistants need more than proficiency with Microsoft office programs. They should also be skilled in email management, file sharing and storage systems, calendar management, proficiency with statistical software, database software, content management software and any other software which the company uses for it’s operations.

  • Excellent Time Managers: Time management is a core skill for any executive assistant.  The assistant is not just saddled with the responsibility of managing his or her own time but also that of the boss.   Time Management entails coordination of the needs and demands of both clients and colleagues to create a workable schedule on short notices as situations change and in most cases, tactfully making sure the executive focuses on the important issues without being distracted.

  • Vicious Researchers: Ability to get the needed information from search engines that are relevant to the industry is a great skill since most of the duties of the executive assistant would involve preparing reports and providing relevant information to the boss on demand.

The benefits from having an excellent executive assistant cannot be overemphasized, most executives have expressed the impact from having an assistant in their work and family life. Among these are:

  • Improved Focus: By not being distracted with trivial matters which do not require the executives attention, the assistant comes in and sets things right, having learnt how the matter had been handled in the past, this frees the boss from distractions and keeps him focused on the most important affairs.

  • Leverage: With more time at hand and lesser distracting calls the boss have more time to engage in other projects which had been put off due to lack of time. Feels great to have someone of similar ability and sense of judgement represent you in your absence, this is the leverage you will enjoy from having an executive assistant.

  • Freedom: You can be anywhere in the world while the office operations are in capable hands. Your executive assistant becomes your representative and communicates with you on matters that require urgency while you enjoy the liberty of doing the things you love, spending time with family or synthesizing new ideas to move your business forward. In your absence, your assistant becomes a valuable instrument for you to keep maintain control.

With the sophistication and advancements in technology, most executives are leveraging remote assistants and their testimonies has been excellent. SideKick VA is your go to Virtual Assistant in terms of finding the right people with the requisite skills, motivation and character to help you in running your operations. What are you waiting for? Visit us today and enjoy the freedom you have been dreaming of.

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