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SideKick VA is trusted by clients and companies worldwide

A Premium Multi-Purpose Service Provider.  Time is our Business.

Unlike many online service providers Sidekick VA is not a faceless entity which produces lack luster results, but a truly personalized multi service provider that you can use to develop and operate your business and enhance your personal life. Empowered with latest technological features and built with attention to detail Sidekick VA is your full service team waiting on command.



We can help you with your day to day scheduling and calendar management, emailing, data entry, research, proof reading, dictation, translation, filing and many other administrative duties you require to help ensure you business is running smoothly.

Virtual Receptionist

Have our VA take and make calls on your behalf, saving you time and helping you stay connected to the businesses and people that matter the most.  We can provide you with a toll free number or call forwarding and greet your customer to your specifications.

Online Services

Design and maintain your websites, effectively build SEO strategies, and provide you with relevant content through our team of experienced developers, designers and writers, helping your business maintain a strong online presence.

Social Media

We can maintain your personal and business social media accounts.  Reach your target audience, and post engaging articles to keep your followers following, using proven effective social media marketing campaigns designed to give you a competitive edge.

Event Planning

Whether your event is purely social, business related or somewhere in between, SideKick VA can work with you to ensure your event is executed flawlessly through research, event design, securing a location, arranging for food, decor and entertainment, planning transportation, sending invitations, arranging accommodations and coordinating event personnel.

Travel Booking

SideKick VA is your full service travel coordinator.  We book reservations for hotels, rental cars, and flights, for business and personal travel.  Additionally we can calculate travel costs and help keep you within your budget.  Based on your profile and preferences your VA will search out attractions, activities, and dining, freeing up your time to fully enjoy your vacation, or give you the focus you need for your business trip.

Get Local Help

We provide trusted and skilled local help for a variety of everyday and specialty tasks including janitorial, dog walking, grocery delivery, home and yard maintenance, shopping, catering, vacant home checks, service call or delivery waiting, general delivery and pick up.  Our team can also coordinate local trades workers such as electricians, plumbers and carpenters to fix your leaky tap or complete a full bathroom renovation.

Transfer Services

We can safely get you to the airport, your next appointment or home from a night out using SideKick VA’s own drivers or one of our partner chauffeured car services.  Need to get a vehicle home as well as yourself?  We can do that too.  We can provide vans or buses for large groups, environmentally friendly options, black car services for executive travel, and limousine services for a variety of events.

Join the growing number of 4 hour work week executives who are strategically using our resources to:

  • Improve their focus.
  • Increase efficiency for time consuming functions.
  • Maximize use of external resources.
  • Reduce and control operating costs.
  • Gain access to world-class capabilities.
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Do More


Have an assistant attend to your needs with our 10 hour basic package, specifically built to help you get more done.

This is ideal for those new to our service as it allows for a transitory stage, enabling you to transfer all the needed information to your VA.

Let us help you get more done!

Do Less


Enjoy our standard package and have an assistant attend to your tasks for 15 hours.

This package helps you transfer many of the tasks that are time consuming  freeing up more time for you to focus on the most important things that matter to you.

Let us help you do Less!



With our premium package, you will have an assistant attend to your tasks for a 20 hours schedule.

This package saves you more time, helps you get more done while assisting you towards freedom.

You have more time for family and leisure trusting that we have all your tasks taken care of while you are away.

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SideKick VA Free's up your time. Let us show you what freedom can look like.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

― Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek

Optimize Productivity

Get Some Assistance

This is exactly what we are here for.  When you work with SideKick VA you are not only assigned dedicated help but a full service team backing your assistant.  You have a full team focusing on your needs and your assistant acts as Chief of Staff.

Set Goals in Life and Work

Your assistant will help you in clearly defining high level goals and create visual aids to keep them in focus.  Using tools such as Trello, Office Suite and Google Suite your assistant will help you keep track of your progress and create smaller goals within goals, ensuring you are moving forward in achievement.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Your assistant will help you determine and define the importance of each goal and task, including completion dates for each task and in which order they need to be completed.

Get Organized

Your assistant will help you to create a plan for each goal and task.  Itemizing each plan with a list of activities to complete.  All of these plans and tasks will be documented and organized on Trello, Google Drive or as to your specification and you will be notified when due dates are approaching.

Pencil Me In.

Your VA will begin managing a Calendar of your activities, appointments, important dates, tasks associated with your goals, travel plans and much more.  You can use our calendars or have your VA manage your existing calendar.  Each morning you will be sent a schedule of your days activities.  Managing time is extremely critical, as it is the largest productivity obstacle.

Be Prepared to Bend

The need to re-prioritize and re-schedule can arise at a moments notice.  Your VA will assist in recognizing these changes and realign your schedule and calendar appropriately.  Changes will be documented and rescheduled so that nothing is missed.

Be Proactive

To successfully reach your goals you need to take responsibility and take control of each task, actively working on these tasks as scheduled.  Your assistant will provide you with a daily guide to help keep you on track, additionally your VA will proactively seek out solutions to problems, finding and resolving issues before they become major problems.

Power in Working Together

Synergistic relationships can be found within the goals you wish to accomplish, between yourself and those you interact with and within your goals and the goals of others.  Your assistant can help identify synergistic relationships creating an enhanced combined effect.

Take Some Time to Recharge

Working without taking any downtime actually reduces productivity and negatively effects your mental state.  Take some time to enjoy life, your friends and family.  During your downtime your assistant can ensure everything is running smoothly and keep things moving forward.

Value For Your Money

SideKick VA is continually working with local businesses to offer discounts to our clients.  In some cases the savings offered are more than the cost of your assistant.  Some of the discounts offered include Vacation Packages, Dining, Limousine Service, Gym Memberships, Optometry and Eye Wear, Catering, Pet Grooming, Shipping, Shopping and Entertainment.

When you work with Sidekick VA you will be provided with a confirmed membership card and a list of local businesses which will accept your card for discounts.

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Opportunities With SideKick VA


There are various opportunities for employment within our organization.  We offer the opportunity to work independently, full time, part time, and casually from anywhere in the world where you have access to a reliable internet connection.

Support and training are offered at no cost to you, and in some cases you are paid for tasks you complete during the training.

Send your interest to and begin a career that offers freedom.

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Preferred Vendor Program

Sidekick VA partners with companies all over the world who can offer third party services to our clients and employees at a discount.  In return SideKick VA will promote your business and offer your services first to our clients.

Contact us through and partner with SideKick VA.

We Hire

  • Researchers

  •  Administration Staff

  • Travel Booking Workers

  • Content Writers

  • Translators

  • Errand Runners

  • Vehicle Owner Drivers

  • Event Planners

  • Photo Editors

  • Web Developers

  • Virtual Receptionists

  • Video Editors

  • Social Media Managers

  • Marketing Specialists

  • Much More

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